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Keep your fleet on the road...with K&H Automotive's Fleet Services.

When a vehicle in your fleet is damaged, it not only takes the vehicle off the road...but also keeps valuable staff from working efficiently.

If your fleet contains newer Ford F150s and Super Dutys, you know that their aluminum bodies require specialized repair. Not only does this ensure a correct repair, but also can help avoid expense on leased vehicles upon the vehicle's return.

K&H Automotive changes all that with our Fleet Services division.

We give top priority to fleet vehicle collision repiars to minimize downtime and help protect your bottom line.

Best of all, we're the only certified aluminum collsion repair facility in Mercer County.

K&H Automotive's Fleet Services Benefits:

Certified Aluminum Repairs
Despite the benefits...there's no extra charge for K&H's special fleet service. It truly costs no more to go first class.
Secure, fenced lot with 24 hour video surveillance. There's real peace of mind while your vehicles are here.
It's important to remember that we're the only certified aluminum collision repair facility in Mercer county. Thorough, complete repairs.
K&H Automotive has been serving the needs of select fleets for years. We've seen the tremendous need for expedited fleet collision repair and now offer this service to all fleets.



Aluminum Certified!
K&H Is the ONLY Aluminum Certified Body Repair Facility in Mercer County.

If your your fleet contains the newer Ford F150 or Super Duty, you'll be glad to know that K&H is the only certified aluminum collision repair facility in Mercer county. While the aluminum bodies of these trucks reduce weight to enhance performance and economy...they also require very specialized repair after a collision.

We're set with the equipment, tools, and trained technicians to perform a correct and durable repair.