Certified Aluminum Auto Body Repair Facility

If you drive one of the newer Ford F-150s, Super Dutys, or Expeditions...you should know that your vehicle's body is made of military grade aluminum. This reduces weight and enchances performance and economy. It also requires very different repair techniques, tools and equipment for safe, correct repairs.

K&H is the only auto body repair facility in Mercer County to have a certified aluminum clean room, as well as the trained technicians and equipment for proper aluminum collision repair.

Here is one of the newer Ford F-150s undergoing collision repair inside our aluminum clean room. K&H is the only collision repair facility in Mercer County so equipped. While we hope you'll never require our collision services for your F-150, Super Duty or Expedition...isn't it good to know that certified aluminum collsion repair is nearby?

Assured Performance Network
It's also important to know that we're certified by the Assured Performance Collision Repair Network. This means we have the proper tools, training and facility essential to the proper repair of cars and trucks from GM, Fiat-Chrysler, Nissan, Hyundai and Ford.

The future is now when it comes to aluminum, and high strength steel, and composite materials. In fact, there are probably some of these in the car you drive. As one of the most advanced collision repair facility in Mercer County, K&H has made the commitment in technician training, tools and equipment to ensure safe, correct repairs with these advanced materials.

We invite your visit or call for more information about what we do.